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fashion students work

Today i will introduce another student, and what she has done so far.

                              ——— Jessis Luo ——-

Can you tell something about your work? What is this for?

As you can see, this is neck accessory, it is to decorate your cloth, and i have done two different style of the neck.

What is the inspiration of your work?

You know, i like textile design, when i finish the foundation course, i want to learn textile design in NTU. the inspiration is from the city, i want to use textile skill to show the ubran environment. the colorful one is the city we want to live. Coloful, good air to breath.

What difficult you faced with when you do this?

The colour could not control because i dry in the water, and also the black & white one spend a lot of time. i want to find some quick way and have the same effect.


Fashion Street(1) – Japanese

Having published a series of  Eco-Friendly Fabrics, i want to edit another theme.

Very popular among photography students and fashion design students.- fashion street.

Dressing what you like, you can be unique, crazy, messy, sexy..

Now, Let’s look at Japanese Fashion Street. i picked some photos on website and make some comments.

(* Picture from http://japanesestreets.com/)

                          —– Aki ——

Dark cloth,like the characteric in comic books,the hair mixed purple, blue and pink. lean hat. big high platform shoes.

maybe in her real life, she like the game COS. and hair and style are so beautiful!! I love the hair accessories. also the rock mask lol

                           ——– Choco ——-

A little bit messy for the first signt. but after a while looking at this, dont think messy anymore.

She dressed normal, normal shoes, normal T shirt .but looks unusual because of the colour connection. She should be quiet active girl, like colorful cloth.

                             ——- Yuki ——

This time i choose the picture of people who wearing very very similar with most of chinese girls. T shirt, shirt with converse.

Do you think she has fever, if you think so, that is wrong.

The mask is decorative in her wearing,  and because of the mask, draw us attention, attractive.

Finally…Japanese Fashion Street will continue in next posts..wants to see more detail, could visit the website.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics(5)

Today i want to introduce a TV program about fashion design, called Project Runaway.

In this program, every week there are a competition, having different theme.

I realized that some theme also connect with ‘ Organic ‘ ‘ Recycled ‘..

                      —– Emily Berezin ——

Location: Supermarket. how to make paper into skirt? Emily do. As you can see, Emily used paper to do a skirt. Paper is not fabrics, it is also Eco-Friendly, maybe, 5 or 10 years later, paper could become a kind of fabrics.

Although the skirt is not exquisite, it is kind of fashion attitude.

                          ——–  Sarah Illenberger ——

Vegetable dresses, Looks green, very very very organic ..

It is looks green, but i don’t think it can recycle use, maybe you can only dress once or twice..


Ripe Dress, Spring 2008

Made from seed pods, wire, juju fruit candy, acrylic paint.

These kind of dress take advantage of the rest of vegetable, more valuable than what i show before. but it only show in the exhibition, can’t wear. In general, also a good try.


To be honest, i don’t know which food made this one. maybe chocolate? Comparing this to another, i like this more. it looks more modern, special and unforgettable. i really like skirt with fluffy.

what i posted today not connect with fabric, but they both we can see in our daily life, have relationship with our living world. IF we can take advantage of this kind of material, the resource of earth will be save a lot.!! Achieved eco-friendly!!

Eco-Friendly Fabrics(4)

Organic Tendencies: Sara Coleman Spring 2012 at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 

search fashion with orgainc, i found the Sara Coleman Spring 2012 suitable for this theme.

i picked some pictures in the show

Organic trend apparently, using  sustainable material. the material contain long tunics in silk, cotton and linen in sand, rope beige and brown. Maybe it is also the trend of the future of the fashion. Whar is more, in the show, there are some artificial trees as decorate, also showing the theme of environmental friendly, close to nature.

As far as i am concerned, these kind of clothes is unforgettable, special, unique.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njVJVQF3hOs

Eco-Friendly Fabrics(3)

The aim of this essay is to talk about the top 20 Eco Friendly Clothing Fabrics.

Firstly,before introduce the top 20 Eco Friendly Clothing Fabrics, i want to know the advantage of sustainable clothing.

 the advantage of sustainable clothing:

  • Easy to care for
  • Most have nature ‘ ingredients’ , like UV and insect repellents.
  • Durable and Strong
  • Timeless styles:never go out of style, after all, eco clothing has been worn for over 1 million years.

Top 20 Eco-Friendly Clothing Materials:

  1. Alpaca
  2. Ogranic Cotton:This is cotton grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Organic Cotton is grown under Fair Trade Guidelines and is biodegradable and compostable.
  3. Hemp: Hemp plants are made from the Cannabis sativa plant. Strong, naturally UV resistant and biodegradable and compost able.
  4. Bamboo: Bamboo grows very fast thus no pesticides are necessary.
  5. Soy:  Soy Silk is made from the  products of soy manufacturers, thus using post consumer resources. Is biodegradable and compost able.
  6. Tencell/Lyocell:Made from wood pulp from fast growing trees.
  7. Ogranic Wool: Is a great resource, providing how they are raised and treated.
  8. Jute
  9. Ingeo:Man Made Fiber derived from Corn
  10. Calico/ Muslim: Fabric made from unbleached cotton.
  11. Hessian Cloth: Woven Fabric made from jute or hemp.
  12. Recycled Polyester
  13. Corn
  14. Organic Linen
  15. EcoSpun which is a trademark name: Fabric Made from plastic containers. But there are many companies such as Prana who also produce clothing from recycled bottles.
  16. Nettle Fiber: Made from stinging nettle a weed.
  17. Spider Web Fabric
  18. Milk silk
  19. Ramie
  20. Made with recycled materials.

       Recycled Material Trivia:

  •  Fleece jackets. About 25 two-liter plastic pop bottles can be used to make one fleece pullover. About 15 will produce a fleece vest.
  •  T-shirts. Pop bottles can be recycled into a smoother polyester for use in T-shirts and other clothes. 

(*source from: http://www.greenecoservices.com/top-20-eco-friendly-clothing-fabrics/)

Some materials we are similar, but some are not. like corn, milk silk, soy, trying to become a good designer should be similar with these materials.These kind of material not only achieve environment friendly, but also can give you some ideas, When i first heard about milk silk, quiet new for me, how can milk to make cloth??maybe think about it, will give you some inspiration.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics(2)

Continuing to introduce the Eco-Friendly Fabrics, this time i want to talk about Linda Loudermilk.

Eco-designer, Linda Loudermilk, awareness with the woder of earth-generated textiles made of sasawashi,bamboo seacell,soya and other eco-fabrics such as EcoSpun.

                                  —–  Linda Loundermilk —–


Linda Loudermilk speaking about her vision for eco-fashion:

“We aim to give eco glamour legs, a fabulous look and a slammin’ attitude that stops traffic and shouts the message: eco can be edgy, loud, fun, playful, feminine (or not) and hyper-cool.”

Speaking on how people react to her eco haute couture collections:

“First it’s the clothes; then it’s ‘Why does this feel so good?’ And then they notice the hangtag. Our company motto is to smash old ideas of what you thought ‘eco’ was.”

Speaking on her move to sustainable and eco-friendly fashions:

“I have so much more serenity now, knowing I am trying to make a difference.”

(*source from: http://organicclothing.blogs.com/my_weblog/2006/03/more_fashion_qu.html)

Eco-Friendly Fabrics(1)

The term “eco-fashion” refers to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques.

                                            —— Richie Rich —–


                    < made from corn fiber by uber-cool >

For the eco fashion event FutureFashion, Richie Rich designed a pink and yellow Ingeo™ taffeta skirt made from corn fiber with a silver recycled polyester bustier.

Richie Rich speaking about designing with sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly fabrics for the eco fashion event FutureFashion:

“It’s definitely something we’re going to continue toying with. People often perceive the fashion world as superficial, so it’s great to work with materials that are actually good for the environment. I had my doubts, but when we actually saw the fabric swatches we were blown away. They were gorgeous, and it wasn’t hard to design with them.”

Yes, eco-fashion is gradually hotter than before, because people becoming realised the important of environment and designer concentrate on creating something sustainable,recyclable and environmentally friendly fabrics.

(*source from:http://organicclothing.blogs.com/my_weblog/2006/03/more_fashion_qu.html)

Fashion design students work

Nearly week 6, fashion design students continue their work, some of them begin to practice the machine.

                                ————  Dandelion Leung ———

Dandelion Leung is a hard-working student, like doing clothes, and continue trying.

Using knit and felted wool.child- free.Do her own style cloth,  i think this kind of style suitable for her.

Can you  tell us about your work.

The white cloth is i bought from second-hand shop. The inspiration is from flower, I want to do the cloth suitable for me, also wants to show my idea by using different material.

What were the doubts during the whole process?

I am doubt about whether the felted wool can last for a long time.

What is for the future? and for the style of the cloth?

I will do what I want. for the style, I am not sure, what I am sure is that I will try more different kinds of styles, not just a little.

and recently, I am interested in Hanging Garden of Babylon. I have done some research about it, for the next step, I will do the cloth connected with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Research & Recommend — Dido Liu (CSM)

There are no particularly reason why i put Dido Liu, one of the Central Saint Martin students work in there. she is not famous, not have popular work, just i like it. And she is also a fashion marketing student.

The inspiration of this work comes from the portraits taken 200 years ago in China. The oversized shapes and unusual proportions of those costumes worn by people in the portraits has been reshaped down to create a contemporary feel and oriental aesthetics. — Dido Liu.

(* source from: http://1granary.com/)

i want to recommend this website, Central Saint Martin Fashion Blog. not onlt suitable for fashion marketing student, but also suitable for fashion design students. many surprising work in this blog.

Central Saint Martin, London –2012

This weekend, our fashion design group members, 8 people went to the exhibition of uni of the arts London Central Saint Martin, booking tickets..booking hotel.. 6:30am get up, then start!! firstly, we watched the textile design.

                                    ———-  Agathe Gits ———–

About: Agathe Gits is working between Paris and London, creating textiles pieces but also stage costumes for both fashion and performances.

She is inspired by everyday quirkiness and put a particular effort in creating pieces that are beautiful but odd at the time.Her work is currently about finding new possibilities for printed textile to be able to answer questions brought by new Fashion challenges such as ‘ sustainable luxury’ or ‘ new heritage’ .. Agathe’s project are mainly designed to fit to a young client who shops in the luxury market and who wants to build herself a chic but yet exciting image.

very dreamy textiles work, make me think of my childhood..my dream..child must be like this, the pillow like you seated on the tree.

                                 ———  Stacey Mcgonigal ——-

what he decribe a final work is that ‘ I Got Shit On My Mind ‘ — interesting…

other students work : dont know quite detail about it. just enjoy, like.

A very powerful collection. worth to watching it.  the most impressed thing for me in london is the atmosphere of art. many people wear the clothes they made. every one have their different style. Designer stand by their work, talking to the visiter about their inspiration, experience and so on. 

                                 Look! you can be fashion even u r old

the cute old man was talking to the designer, yes, fashion has no time, no age limited

I am always thought that why London is a dream place for fashion design students? When I get there I found the atmosphere of art is no where else can get! You can do what you want, wear what you like, dont need to consider about others. Feel free.

                                   ————-Unforgettable  Memory ———-

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