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Fashion Street(2)-Western country

Having picked up some images from showhotgirl to see the daily wearing of weatern country girl.

then you will find the difference between western country girls and japanese girls.

Both wear simple white T shirt, one is long skirt, the other is solid-color pants, high-heeled shoes, showing the spring is coming.. 

Coat, leggings and high-heeled shoes with the same colour-red brown. The skirt is dark blue. Looks harmony.

It is also the most common wearing in the western country streets.

I really like this style, looks young and active, suitable for young people.

small bag, soild-color sweater, leggings with milk lines, boots. red strawberry hat with a pair of glasses.

I like the picture, looks comfortable. A women enjoy the sunflower.

the shoes and bag both mixed color of yellow, brown and black. simple solid-color sweater with a black flower tie.

At the next step, i want to take some photos by myself, let more people can see the real fashion street, without choosing the model, or just take photos the person who wear beautiful.


Fashion Street(1) – Japanese

Having published a series of  Eco-Friendly Fabrics, i want to edit another theme.

Very popular among photography students and fashion design students.- fashion street.

Dressing what you like, you can be unique, crazy, messy, sexy..

Now, Let’s look at Japanese Fashion Street. i picked some photos on website and make some comments.

(* Picture from http://japanesestreets.com/)

                          —– Aki ——

Dark cloth,like the characteric in comic books,the hair mixed purple, blue and pink. lean hat. big high platform shoes.

maybe in her real life, she like the game COS. and hair and style are so beautiful!! I love the hair accessories. also the rock mask lol

                           ——– Choco ——-

A little bit messy for the first signt. but after a while looking at this, dont think messy anymore.

She dressed normal, normal shoes, normal T shirt .but looks unusual because of the colour connection. She should be quiet active girl, like colorful cloth.

                             ——- Yuki ——

This time i choose the picture of people who wearing very very similar with most of chinese girls. T shirt, shirt with converse.

Do you think she has fever, if you think so, that is wrong.

The mask is decorative in her wearing,  and because of the mask, draw us attention, attractive.

Finally…Japanese Fashion Street will continue in next posts..wants to see more detail, could visit the website.

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