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Environmental Artist, Nils-Udo

This posts will introduce a environmental artists:Nils-Udo. He is not a fashion designer, but what he thinks maybe will  give some inspiration to fashion design students.




Bavarian artist Nils-Udo has been working directly with nature for more than three decades. His lyrical pieces–or what he calls “potential utopias” of giant nests, misty forestscapes–all have an air of mystery and playfulness. As a response to the surrounding landscape, the pieces use materials found locally–ranging from berries, leaves, sticks, to the movement of water and the growth of plants.

Nils-Udo recognizes the paradoxical character of his work however, saying that:

Even if I work parallel to nature and only intervene with the greatest possible care, a basic internal contradiction remains. It is a contradiction that underlies all of my work, which itself can’t escape the inherent fatality of our existence. It harms what it touches: the virginity of nature…To realize what is possible and latent in Nature, to literally realize what has never existed, utopia becomes reality. A second life suffices. The event has taken place. I have only animated it and made it visible.

As far as i am concerned, ‘potential utopias’ is quiet new idea for every design area, it is likely that fashion design students can creat something only though their image, using nature material, maybe this kind of something did not have much function, but it is exist can draw us attention because of difference.

(* source from: http://www.treehugger.com/culture/top-5-environmental-artists-shaking-up-the-art-world.html)


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