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Vintage Collection by Jessica Maria Manley

This posts is about Jessica Maria Manley who graduating School Of Visual Arts May 2012 with a BFA in photography.

She create her photographs with the intent to provoke internal questioning. Can society truly define what is appropriate for an individual based solely on their age? It has been claimed that individuals are molded by both nature and nurture. However, is there a definitive turning point in a person’s life transitioning them from childhood to adult? What makes these two worlds so entirely different? People have a very distinct definition of adulthood. In this stage of life it is presumed that individuals have learned to handle and assume responsibility. That there are understandings of fears and techniques have been established to deal with them on a more mature level.

As far as i am concerned, she using her photography wants to show the inside of a ‘child’ heart. we can just define what is appropriate for an individual based on age. Maybe when she is a child, she want to handle something, assume responsibility, but people always think that she is too young to handle, disappointing.

(*source from:http://www.escapeintolife.com/photography/vintage-collection-by-jessica-maria-manley/)


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