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Fashion Street(2)-Western country

Having picked up some images from showhotgirl to see the daily wearing of weatern country girl.

then you will find the difference between western country girls and japanese girls.

Both wear simple white T shirt, one is long skirt, the other is solid-color pants, high-heeled shoes, showing the spring is coming.. 

Coat, leggings and high-heeled shoes with the same colour-red brown. The skirt is dark blue. Looks harmony.

It is also the most common wearing in the western country streets.

I really like this style, looks young and active, suitable for young people.

small bag, soild-color sweater, leggings with milk lines, boots. red strawberry hat with a pair of glasses.

I like the picture, looks comfortable. A women enjoy the sunflower.

the shoes and bag both mixed color of yellow, brown and black. simple solid-color sweater with a black flower tie.

At the next step, i want to take some photos by myself, let more people can see the real fashion street, without choosing the model, or just take photos the person who wear beautiful.


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4 thoughts on “Fashion Street(2)-Western country

  1. vicky on said:

    i like the second one!

  2. nicole on said:

    looks good.

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