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fashion students work

Today i will introduce another student, and what she has done so far.

                              ——— Jessis Luo ——-

Can you tell something about your work? What is this for?

As you can see, this is neck accessory, it is to decorate your cloth, and i have done two different style of the neck.

What is the inspiration of your work?

You know, i like textile design, when i finish the foundation course, i want to learn textile design in NTU. the inspiration is from the city, i want to use textile skill to show the ubran environment. the colorful one is the city we want to live. Coloful, good air to breath.

What difficult you faced with when you do this?

The colour could not control because i dry in the water, and also the black & white one spend a lot of time. i want to find some quick way and have the same effect.


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7 thoughts on “fashion students work

  1. Nina on said:

    I really like you have a interview with foundation fashion design students, i believe the communication can help us to developed.
    Also, i really fond of her neck accessory design, expecially black and white one. love it!

  2. Freya on said:

    Hi,Blanch.Your Blog and your photos are amazing and fantastic.I like it !Hopping your dreams come ture early.

  3. peggy on said:

    i like her first work.
    it shown the different road of a city.

  4. jessie on said:

    this was two kind of style ,one is black,anther is colorful ,this was my final I want express .And i have the big fabric will embroidey i do the half ,almost finish welcome to take photo haha ……,

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