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Eco-Friendly Fabrics(5)

Today i want to introduce a TV program about fashion design, called Project Runaway.

In this program, every week there are a competition, having different theme.

I realized that some theme also connect with ‘ Organic ‘ ‘ Recycled ‘..

                      —– Emily Berezin ——

Location: Supermarket. how to make paper into skirt? Emily do. As you can see, Emily used paper to do a skirt. Paper is not fabrics, it is also Eco-Friendly, maybe, 5 or 10 years later, paper could become a kind of fabrics.

Although the skirt is not exquisite, it is kind of fashion attitude.

                          ——–  Sarah Illenberger ——

Vegetable dresses, Looks green, very very very organic ..

It is looks green, but i don’t think it can recycle use, maybe you can only dress once or twice..


Ripe Dress, Spring 2008

Made from seed pods, wire, juju fruit candy, acrylic paint.

These kind of dress take advantage of the rest of vegetable, more valuable than what i show before. but it only show in the exhibition, can’t wear. In general, also a good try.


To be honest, i don’t know which food made this one. maybe chocolate? Comparing this to another, i like this more. it looks more modern, special and unforgettable. i really like skirt with fluffy.

what i posted today not connect with fabric, but they both we can see in our daily life, have relationship with our living world. IF we can take advantage of this kind of material, the resource of earth will be save a lot.!! Achieved eco-friendly!!


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8 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Fabrics(5)

  1. dandelion on said:

    that is very interesting by using orgnic thing to make a cloth

  2. camille on said:

    very interesting fabrics.Designer is not limited when choose the normal fabrics.

  3. Nina on said:

    I love organic, it looks health and feel health. This is what people need and want. Let’s do something for human, made them smile~

  4. peggy on said:

    i like Chocolate skirt!

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