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Eco-Friendly Fabrics(2)

Continuing to introduce the Eco-Friendly Fabrics, this time i want to talk about Linda Loudermilk.

Eco-designer, Linda Loudermilk, awareness with the woder of earth-generated textiles made of sasawashi,bamboo seacell,soya and other eco-fabrics such as EcoSpun.

                                  —–  Linda Loundermilk —–


Linda Loudermilk speaking about her vision for eco-fashion:

“We aim to give eco glamour legs, a fabulous look and a slammin’ attitude that stops traffic and shouts the message: eco can be edgy, loud, fun, playful, feminine (or not) and hyper-cool.”

Speaking on how people react to her eco haute couture collections:

“First it’s the clothes; then it’s ‘Why does this feel so good?’ And then they notice the hangtag. Our company motto is to smash old ideas of what you thought ‘eco’ was.”

Speaking on her move to sustainable and eco-friendly fashions:

“I have so much more serenity now, knowing I am trying to make a difference.”

(*source from: http://organicclothing.blogs.com/my_weblog/2006/03/more_fashion_qu.html)


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6 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Fabrics(2)

  1. jessie on said:

    I like this ,very intersting and speciao!

  2. Kayla on said:

    Much times we always think how to reused the waste things make something but Linda changed there essence.That’s a realy good idea for the environmental protection.

  3. peggy on said:

    Every design should have its own theme~lol~

  4. dandelion on said:

    I want to know what do u think about it. I want to know more about it.

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