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Research & Recommend — Dido Liu (CSM)

There are no particularly reason why i put Dido Liu, one of the Central Saint Martin students work in there. she is not famous, not have popular work, just i like it. And she is also a fashion marketing student.

The inspiration of this work comes from the portraits taken 200 years ago in China. The oversized shapes and unusual proportions of those costumes worn by people in the portraits has been reshaped down to create a contemporary feel and oriental aesthetics. — Dido Liu.

(* source from: http://1granary.com/)

i want to recommend this website, Central Saint Martin Fashion Blog. not onlt suitable for fashion marketing student, but also suitable for fashion design students. many surprising work in this blog.


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4 thoughts on “Research & Recommend — Dido Liu (CSM)

  1. dandelion on said:

    this is the most I love this year in CSM…how beatuful it is!!!!

  2. cassiry on said:

    It connect will different things… Have an intereting diea.

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