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Fashion design students work

Nearly week 6, fashion design students continue their work, some of them begin to practice the machine.

                                ————  Dandelion Leung ———

Dandelion Leung is a hard-working student, like doing clothes, and continue trying.

Using knit and felted wool.child- free.Do her own style cloth,  i think this kind of style suitable for her.

Can you  tell us about your work.

The white cloth is i bought from second-hand shop. The inspiration is from flower, I want to do the cloth suitable for me, also wants to show my idea by using different material.

What were the doubts during the whole process?

I am doubt about whether the felted wool can last for a long time.

What is for the future? and for the style of the cloth?

I will do what I want. for the style, I am not sure, what I am sure is that I will try more different kinds of styles, not just a little.

and recently, I am interested in Hanging Garden of Babylon. I have done some research about it, for the next step, I will do the cloth connected with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


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6 thoughts on “Fashion design students work

  1. jessie on said:

    Very good work

  2. peggy on said:

    i like it~

  3. dandelion on said:

    before I done this think about the garden …
    today when I saw it again, I found that It looks like a soilder in the past.

  4. evonne on said:

    I like sweet colour~ it might take dandelion a long long time to make it~

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