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Central Saint Martin, London –2012

This weekend, our fashion design group members, 8 people went to the exhibition of uni of the arts London Central Saint Martin, booking tickets..booking hotel.. 6:30am get up, then start!! firstly, we watched the textile design.

                                    ———-  Agathe Gits ———–

About: Agathe Gits is working between Paris and London, creating textiles pieces but also stage costumes for both fashion and performances.

She is inspired by everyday quirkiness and put a particular effort in creating pieces that are beautiful but odd at the time.Her work is currently about finding new possibilities for printed textile to be able to answer questions brought by new Fashion challenges such as ‘ sustainable luxury’ or ‘ new heritage’ .. Agathe’s project are mainly designed to fit to a young client who shops in the luxury market and who wants to build herself a chic but yet exciting image.

very dreamy textiles work, make me think of my childhood..my dream..child must be like this, the pillow like you seated on the tree.

                                 ———  Stacey Mcgonigal ——-

what he decribe a final work is that ‘ I Got Shit On My Mind ‘ — interesting…

other students work : dont know quite detail about it. just enjoy, like.

A very powerful collection. worth to watching it.  the most impressed thing for me in london is the atmosphere of art. many people wear the clothes they made. every one have their different style. Designer stand by their work, talking to the visiter about their inspiration, experience and so on. 

                                 Look! you can be fashion even u r old

the cute old man was talking to the designer, yes, fashion has no time, no age limited

I am always thought that why London is a dream place for fashion design students? When I get there I found the atmosphere of art is no where else can get! You can do what you want, wear what you like, dont need to consider about others. Feel free.

                                   ————-Unforgettable  Memory ———-


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2 thoughts on “Central Saint Martin, London –2012

  1. jessie on said:

    Our photos,beautiful

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