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NTU catwalk show 2012

A few days ago, I went to the NTU catwalk show about the fashion design 2012.

Many amazing work there. they do a series of clothing, having they own style, they own colour.

                                         —— Women wear ——

I think maybe the inspiration is from music. the cloth could transfer into another appearence. And the colour is deep colour, but if it is transfer, the design using contrasting colour, very aesthetic.

fresh clothes. all the model wearing black sunglasses. using deep colour. One of the model has mask, suitable for tall, thin, maybe suitbale for neutral girl.

using black and white stripes, now black and white is popular because it easy to collocate.

using light, warm colour. summer skirt.all the clothes have their own speical fold,  like a flower, make the clothes special.

using light colour, suitable for summer. i think the clothes suitable for seaside tourism. when hot summer, maybe the best selling is this kind of clothes.

                                        ——— Men wear ——-

 these clothes made me think of the insect, especially the right one, made me think of the beatles. using deep colour, leather, make the person who wear looks younger.

i think this kind of clothes suitable for middle-age- men. they dont want to wear too highlight.  it is normal,but when you look at it carefully. you will find the collocation of the colour is different.


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4 thoughts on “NTU catwalk show 2012

  1. peggy on said:

    good job~
    “inspiration is from music” that is interesting idea.

  2. some design is very good,but In my opinion,some clothes may not seem like a series

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