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Blooming body — texitle design

< How can body movement bring a new perspective to transformable textiles ? >

This project is aims to combine human body movement with the experimentation and mainpulation of different transformative materials.

Genderating textiles that can move and change through manual interaction, hoping to engineer garments that look to exploit specific areas of body movement to create unexpected material transformation.

                                        ——–  textile futures ——

                       ——–  Langdi Lin (Central Saint Martins) —–

hope every reader will watch this video. amazing..different.                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOQurwz28Ns

when i watched the video for the first time, i thought the material she used should be very hard, like metal. but when i saw the real, i found that she just using cloth, soft material. the sharp is powerful, made me think of the 3D form what i had done last term, the little dinosaur.

the following picture is the cloth and detail of the sharp.



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2 thoughts on “Blooming body — texitle design

  1. peggy on said:

    i like this work~cazy,funny,amazing,different.give me more feeling~

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