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Challenges facing artists and designers today?

In the class, teacher asked us a question   ——-   What are some of the challenges facing artists and designer today?

everyone has his/her opinion, the follwoing is about key points.

      can’t control all aspects of their design

every design has advantages and disadvanteages, we cant let the design only contain the advantage, maybe it is impossible.

 if you have a good idea, good inspiration, but the disadvantage people could stand. maybe you will think the better way.


creativity is a very important word to designer. creativity is about new idea. Now, more and more people wants to a designer, if you want to stand out from these people, your idea must special, new and different. it is also a big challenge.


design for who, for me is also a challenge. different people have different taste, even the same people could have many styles. we can wear what we want, that let me confused, which kind of design can make people always like it, which kind of design can durable?


everyone is unique in this world, even you have twin sister, the difference also existed. for designer, the important word is —– unique. doing the unique one, not normal. sometimes, you have a good idea, but after doing some research, you find that the idea is used!!! you will be unpreasing… must find a new one..

Having know the challenges facing aritists and designers today, maybe for fashion marketing students also have the same challenging..

if the customer think the commdities not the unique one.. have disadvantages.. not creativity..what should they do????

That is what should i analyse later.


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One thought on “Challenges facing artists and designers today?

  1. peggy on said:

    You pay attention in class.HAHA~
    i think USER is very important part when we designing.

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