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Hand made – meaningful

Today, i discuss with my friend about the art work. They mentioned a very popular word —- hand-made

Now, people wants to enhance their life quality, they not only need the satisfied from their living, but also need the satisfied from their heart.  Hand made work is meaningful maybe it is not better than machine work, but it use a lot of time, and a lot of ‘ heart’.  The following picture is Dandelion’s work, flower wallet. if it is for sell, i will buy it.

                              —————–   Dandelion Leung  ————–

Do you think it is very beautiful and unique? suitable for girls, and you can creat what you like.

                           ———————-  Blanche Hu ——————-

This is hand-made roses, sending to my mom in her birthday, showing my love for her. i could not forget how moving she is and how carefully she care about this flowers. she said this is the most valueable gift. The roses never wither, like my love for her.

 In some festival, like Valentine’s day, couple sending rose is a normal things, the roses will wither. and every year girls will receive the same roses, eventually, they will not care about it. but if you send rose by hand-made? what is the effect? Fashion is in our life, send something meaningful, different, is also fashion and it is also a part of fashion marketing strategy. 

I think the most successful work is meaningful. it will make customer remember and unforgetable.

And the fashion marketing is to discover the meaning behind of every work, not only help their to sell, but also make every buyer feel pleasing.


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2 thoughts on “Hand made – meaningful

  1. i like your rose.
    the bag is so cute~

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