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Daily Life Fashion

With I am going to edit the first page of my blog, the biggest question for me is to think what is fashion?

As far as i am concerned, fashion is about self-expression, emotion and personality.

Then  I asked this question for my friends, they give me different answer. Maybe, what is fashion is different to identify, everyone has his/her opinion. The following content i will show some different style of  fashion in my  life. They both have own personality.

                                ——————   Peggy Zhang   —————

                            fashion is new idea, new feeling and creat new style.

 For me, it is hard to say what is fashion, for me, I think  fashion is simple, not expensive, I could afford it as well as comfortable, beautiful. However, fashion is innovate, should combine with new idea, give the buyer new feeling, creat new style and fashion is in our lifestyle. Fashion should give a person a kind of cheerful, graceful, also different taste. The most important thing is fashion depends on everyone. Everyone has his/her personality, following their personality and wear their want.                         

                          ——————– Dandelion Leung —————-

                fashion is a style which suitable for u, it also a personal feeling .

Fashion is a style ,It is not only rich people have it. Every one have there own fashion style. An expensive cloth is not necessarily fashion,just the cloth advanced fabrics or it has a famous trademark.Find the suitable cloth to myself is fashion.Fashion is depended on one person’s feel which she shows to everyone . Even through two people wear the same thing but they are giving us the feeling is not the same.So fashion is find a style which is suitable for u.

                             ——————–    Jessie  Luo    —————-

        fashion is popular, simplecomfortable and  you should have your own style.

Most people think that fashion is unusual, unique,or expensive and some people also think wear the some strange cloth is fashion , in fact it is very stronge,when he was walking down the street a lot of people look at him, he might think he is very fashion, but he never thought he was very strange. I think that fashion is a popular, if you like, you can be fashionable, not necessary go to stores to buy fancy dress, but find your own style, each person’s body structure is different, some people fat, some thin, so dressing style is different,you can creat your favorite style. Perhaps some clothes or shoes are very stylish, and then buy found wearing is not comfortable, but to their own grievances, I do not agree, image you wear more than 10 cm high heels to go hiking, is it fashion?  so I think fashion is in a comfortable basis to show their advantages, make people fell pleasing, confident. fashion can be very simple and very clear!


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13 thoughts on “Daily Life Fashion

  1. I think you must be wery carefully to do that,aethestic,well done,hope you day day up

  2. peggy on said:

    That is ture.fashion in our life!~ ^^

  3. unknown person on said:

    Jessie is very cute!!!!!!!

  4. zeejan on said:

    wow,not bad.i agree everyone has their different style then using some way to show to the people.

  5. Chloe Crowe on said:

    Very nice blog Blanche 🙂 I think you have very good conceptual understanding of ‘fashion’ 🙂

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