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Designer Confidential: Burberry Prorsum Interview


Car Tire Fashion

The designer thinking about using car tire doing something, it is very similar with the student who wants to take use of car tire. but they have totally different concept.

i think using these kind of material is very very good!! not only can make your work different, but also help the environment.

Environmental Artist, Nils-Udo

This posts will introduce a environmental artists:Nils-Udo. He is not a fashion designer, but what he thinks maybe will  give some inspiration to fashion design students.




Bavarian artist Nils-Udo has been working directly with nature for more than three decades. His lyrical pieces–or what he calls “potential utopias” of giant nests, misty forestscapes–all have an air of mystery and playfulness. As a response to the surrounding landscape, the pieces use materials found locally–ranging from berries, leaves, sticks, to the movement of water and the growth of plants.

Nils-Udo recognizes the paradoxical character of his work however, saying that:

Even if I work parallel to nature and only intervene with the greatest possible care, a basic internal contradiction remains. It is a contradiction that underlies all of my work, which itself can’t escape the inherent fatality of our existence. It harms what it touches: the virginity of nature…To realize what is possible and latent in Nature, to literally realize what has never existed, utopia becomes reality. A second life suffices. The event has taken place. I have only animated it and made it visible.

As far as i am concerned, ‘potential utopias’ is quiet new idea for every design area, it is likely that fashion design students can creat something only though their image, using nature material, maybe this kind of something did not have much function, but it is exist can draw us attention because of difference.

(* source from: http://www.treehugger.com/culture/top-5-environmental-artists-shaking-up-the-art-world.html)

Alexander Mcqueen-pre spring 2013

This posts will introduce the famous fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen-pre spring 2013

The material of Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2013 used by silver gray, gold, off-white and black colors the pieces also feature patterns and prints.

 The dragonfly print certainly stands out for it’s bold and graphic look. There are also geometric and animal prints and patterns. Two ensembles come in geomtric print overlaid with bright birds and flowers.

Most of them are pant suits but there is also a dress suit in polka big dot pattern that is also shown with the same blazer.

There also a halter neck dress with silver and gold diamond-shaped pattern, a layered mullet dress and a strapless bright orange maxi dress. The two golden gowns with beautiful decorated necks feature giraffe pattern while the black long-train dress is embroidered with golden dragonflies.

(All photos in: Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2013 Collection:)

Lindsey Thornburg and David Hershberger’s nature-inspired collections

This posts will introduce another designer who inspired from nature, creating something interesting.


Lindsey Thornburh and David Hershberger’s working together, made so beautiful, natured-inspired


Here is one of the Thornburg velvet dresses, in Napa Valley.

Looking classy and vibrant!!


I love the hair accessories, this clothes made me think of the cheongsam in ancient china..something that i want to own and wear as well


Looks fantasy. the cloth patten like castle..really like the final one, unusual cloaks.

I am willing to wear it everyday, it would definitely coziness and comfort.

(Picture from: fashion.elle.com)

Vintage Collection by Jessica Maria Manley

This posts is about Jessica Maria Manley who graduating School Of Visual Arts May 2012 with a BFA in photography.

She create her photographs with the intent to provoke internal questioning. Can society truly define what is appropriate for an individual based solely on their age? It has been claimed that individuals are molded by both nature and nurture. However, is there a definitive turning point in a person’s life transitioning them from childhood to adult? What makes these two worlds so entirely different? People have a very distinct definition of adulthood. In this stage of life it is presumed that individuals have learned to handle and assume responsibility. That there are understandings of fears and techniques have been established to deal with them on a more mature level.

As far as i am concerned, she using her photography wants to show the inside of a ‘child’ heart. we can just define what is appropriate for an individual based on age. Maybe when she is a child, she want to handle something, assume responsibility, but people always think that she is too young to handle, disappointing.

(*source from:http://www.escapeintolife.com/photography/vintage-collection-by-jessica-maria-manley/)

Urban Wealth Gap

This post will firstly introduce a photographer, then come back to the topic.

As Peter mentioned Lewis Hine, do some research after class.

——-  Lewis Hine ——-

                         Leo aged 8 working in a textile factory in Tennessee in 1910

Hine who was  documentary photography, used his camera to capture the poverty he witness in New York. . In 1908 Hine published Charities and the Commons,  a collection of photographs of tenements and sweatshops. Hine hoped he could use these photographs to help bring about social reform. He told one meeting that he believed his photographs would encourage people to “exert the force to right wrongs”.

As a school teacher, Hine was especially critical of the country’s child labour laws. he travlled around the world, taking picture of children working in factory, try his best to draw people’s attention, as the result of, restrictions were placed on the employment of children aged under 14 in factories and shops, achieve big success.

Hine, a photography , using his camera to courage people to care about the child, concentrated on the poverty. why not fashion designers can’t?

Fashion designers can also use his/her design to send some message, encourage people concerntrate on sth.

maybe they can design the cloth everyone can afford it, not just luxury things.

Fei Feng- Movement vase

This post will introduce a very recent popular fashion designer — Fei Feng.

This is a theme theme of Chinese characteristics, inspired by the elegant, graceful vase in Chinese Ming Dynasty and Tang Dynasty poetry. Models wearing transcend the real world, giant vases, jade face of the body size of various shapes accompanied with flowers behind, stroll onto the catwalks.

From the clothes, we can see Complex and exquisite detail, the dramatic element of a large number of lay volume full sense of the contours,showing the designer of a strong personal style.

As far as i am concerned, in her daily life, she must do love chinese culture, so she can make chinese elements quitely applied to everyday dress..

(*image from:http://www.fashiondes.com/post/2012-07-04/fei-feng-design)

Fashion trend: 1960s

The aim of this essay is to intoduce the fashion trend, coming back to the 1960s..the return of the swinging 60s.

Each decade of the 20th century is prone to being defined by its fashions; and for each of those decades is a cycle of revival inevitable.

           — Mod 60s revival dress at Burberry Prorsum AW11 —                                           

                     —- Prada’s AW11 campaign —-

Miuccia Prada worked together flapper chic and 60s mod into graphic pleated tunics and Mary-Jane heels.                                 

            — 60s fashion for spring: Alice & Olivia SS12 —

                             1960s  Fashion Look

                —– A 60s Karilie Kloss in Vogue Japan —-

                              60s  mod  fashion

          — 60s-inspired outerwear at Burberry Prorsum AW11 —

Tag: Wide eyes curtained by big false lashes (top and bottom).Bright block colours.Graphic prints and colourful abstract geometric patterns.Short, boyish hairstyles.Masculine flat shoes like penny loafers.For fall, swing coats and capes.

                               60s   folk   fashion       

         –Lace soft sixties-style dress at Valentino, Resort ’12 —

Tag: Anything made out of lace, especially structured heavier lace pieces.Peter-pan collars.Ultra-short hemlines. Low-slung belts.Monochrome instead of colour: plenty of white, cream, black.Effortless sexiness with unfussy hair and winged-out eyeliner.

                            60s  sex  kitten

               —- Jayson Brunsdon 60s spring dress —–

Tag: Cuts that draw in the waist, accentuating the bust and hips. It’s all about the curves.Full circle skirts or slim pencil skirts, orcropped pants with high waists.Bed hair. Try a softer, modern update on Brigitte Bardot hair, or go all out bouffant. Just make it count.A sultry pout; long lashes and plenty of eyeliner.

As far as i am concerned, there is no much more difference between 60s and 21century. The elements like lace, full circle skirts, slim pencil skirts, Ultra-short hemlines,Low-slung belts are also used till now. Maybe some changes happened in materials, patten,color,hair style, hair color,cloth color..

(*source from:http://www.fashionising.com/trends/b–1960s-fashion-7918.html)

Fashion Street(2)-Western country

Having picked up some images from showhotgirl to see the daily wearing of weatern country girl.

then you will find the difference between western country girls and japanese girls.

Both wear simple white T shirt, one is long skirt, the other is solid-color pants, high-heeled shoes, showing the spring is coming.. 

Coat, leggings and high-heeled shoes with the same colour-red brown. The skirt is dark blue. Looks harmony.

It is also the most common wearing in the western country streets.

I really like this style, looks young and active, suitable for young people.

small bag, soild-color sweater, leggings with milk lines, boots. red strawberry hat with a pair of glasses.

I like the picture, looks comfortable. A women enjoy the sunflower.

the shoes and bag both mixed color of yellow, brown and black. simple solid-color sweater with a black flower tie.

At the next step, i want to take some photos by myself, let more people can see the real fashion street, without choosing the model, or just take photos the person who wear beautiful.

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